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dc.contributor.authorCristina Ribeiroen
dc.contributor.authorSérgio Nunesen
dc.contributor.authorCarla Lopesen
dc.description.abstractSearch engines typically estimate relevance using features of the documents. We believe that several features from the user and task can also contribute to this process. In the health domain there are specific characteristics of web documents that can also add value to this estimation. In the present work, using a dataset composed by set of annotated web pages and their assessment by a set of users regarding their relevance and comprehension, we analyse what characteristics affect documents' relevance and what characteristics influence how well users comprehend them. We have conducted a bivariate analysis using characteristics of the above data collection. The strongest relations we have found are linked to the task features, suggesting a direct association between tasks' clarity and easiness and both the relevance and the comprehension of the content. The language of the document, its medical certification, the update status, the content in pathology definitions, the content in prevention, prognosis and treatment information, are other characteristics valued by consumers in terms of relevance. Users' previous experience on health searches and, particularly, on the topic being searched, their gender, the language and terminology of their queries were shown to be related to their success in the search tasks. We have also found that lay terminology, knowledge about the medico-scientific terms and the language of the documents are good indicators of comprehension. Documents containing links and testimonies, and the ones recently updated were observed to be better understood by users, as well as blog posts and comments. (C) 2015 The Authors. Published by Elsevier B.V.en
dc.titleThe influence of documents, users and tasks on the relevance and comprehension of health web documentsen
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