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dc.contributor.authorYassine Baghoussien
dc.contributor.authorPedro Camposen
dc.description.abstractSimulation is a computer-based experimentation tool suitable to determine the efficacy of a previously untried decision. In this paper, we present a model of climate change. The goal behind this project is to provide a test-bed to evaluate theories related to the Earth system so as to test and evaluate metrics such as greenhouse gases and climate change in general. The proposed approach is based on a multi-agent model which has as input a representation of nature and as output the changes that will occur on Earth within a given instant of time. Most views about climate change do not take into account the real severity of the subject matter; however, the present perspective is given in a way so as to make non-experts aware of the risks that are threatening life on Earth. Just recently, the general population has developed considerable sensitivity to these issues. One important contribution of this work is to use agent-based modeling and simulation as an instructional tool that will allow people to easily understand all aspects involved in the preservation of the environment in a more aware and responsible way.en
dc.titleAn Agent-based Model of the Earth System & Climate Changeen
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