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Title: Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature based on clover microstructured fiber loop mirror
Authors: Perez Herrera,RA
Ricardo Melo André
Susana Oliveira Silva
Lopez Amo,M
José Luís Santos
Orlando Frazão
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In this work, two all-fiber loop mirrors using a clover microstructured fiber for the simultaneous measurement of temperature and strain are presented. The sensing heads are formed by a short piece of clover microstructured fiber with 35 mm and 89 mm length respectively. The geometry of the fiber allowed observing different interferences created by the microstructured fiber core section. Different sensitivities to temperature and strain were obtained and, using a matrix method, it is possible to discriminate both physical parameters. Resolutions of +/- 2 degrees C and +/- 11 mu epsilon for the first structure and +/- 2.3 degrees C and +/- 18 mu epsilon for the second one, for temperature and strain, respectively, were attained.
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