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Title: Passive interferometric interrogation of a magnetic field sensor using an erbium doped fiber optic laser with magnetostrictive transducer
Authors: Ivo Maciel Nascimento
José Manuel Baptista
Pedro Jorge
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: An erbium doped (Er3+) fiber optic laser is proposed for magnetic field measurement. A pair of FBGs glued onto a magnetostrictive material (Terfenol-D rod) modulates the laser wavelength operation when subject to a static or a time dependent magnetic field. A passive interferometer is employed to measure the laser wavelength changes due to the applied magnetic field. A data acquisition hardware and a Lab VIEW software measure three phase-shifted signals at the output coupler of the interferometer and process them using two distinct demodulation algorithms. Results show that sensitivity to varying magnetic fields can be tuned by introducing a biasing magnetic field. A maximum error of 0.79% was found, for magnetic fields higher than 2.26 mT(RMS).
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