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Title: Intensity-Modulated Optical Fiber Sensor for AC Magnetic Field Detection
Authors: Ivo Maciel Nascimento
José Manuel Baptista
Pedro Jorge
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: An erbium-doped (Er3+) fiber optic laser is proposed for sensing alternated magnetic fields by measuring the laser intensity modulation. The sensor is fabricated using two partially overlapped narrow-band fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) and a section of doped fiber in a Fabry-Perot configuration. Laser power stability and bandwidth are studied while changing the overlap. A bulk rod of TbDyFe, a magnetostrictive material, is glued to both the FBGs and the laser wavelength and power are modulated according to the magnetic field. Acquisition and processing are done using virtual instrumentation. Results have shown the possibility of detecting 11.18 mu T-rms/root Hz for an alternating magnetic field of 4.17 mT(rms).
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