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Title: Etched LPFGs in Reflective Configuration for Sensitivity and Attenuation Band Depth Increase
Authors: Del Villar,I
Gaspar Rego
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: A reflection configuration setup for long-period fiber gratings is presented. It permits to obtain a unique band with attenuation double than that obtained in transmission configuration, which is interesting for applications where this value is reduced (e.g., the mode transition phenomenon). The method is based on the deposition of a silver mirror at the end of the optical fiber, which permits to absorb the power transmitted through cladding modes and to avoid the generation of interferometric bands. The method also solves the requirement of a precise cleave or to polish the end of the grating, a drawback present in other publications. The versatility of the setup has been proved by application of the cladding etching technique until the attenuation band corresponding with the first guided mode in the cladding is visualized in an optical spectrum analyzer. The experimental results are supported by the numerical data obtained with a method based on the exact calculation of core and cladding modes and the utilization of coupled mode theory. © 1989-2012 IEEE.
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