Arc-Induced Long-Period Fiber Gratings in the Dispersion Turning Points

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Paulo Caldas
Del Villar,I
Gaspar Rego
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We demonstrated the possibility to inscribe long-period fiber gratings (LPFGs) in a B/Ge codoped fiber by using grating periods shorter than 150 mu m. We also have arc-induced in the SMF 28 fiber an LPFG in the dispersion turning points by using a grating period of 197 mu m. In previous works, the shortest periods were, respectively, of the order of 190 and 320 mu m for the same fibers. To achieve such a considerable reduction in the grating periods which enables access to the higher order cladding modes (higher sensitivity), we have developed a high-voltage power supply that allows for a constant and stable electric current ranging from 10.5 up to 21 mA. Computer simulations were used to identify the cladding mode resonances for each grating inscribed in the different fibers. The fabricated LPFGs were characterized as a function of the external refractive index from 1.33 up to 1.42, and an average refractive index sensitivity of -720 nm/RIU in the 1.33-1.41 range was obtained for a 192-mu m LPFG without further optimization, such as the use of etching or thin films deposition.