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dc.contributor.authorAriel Guerreiroen
dc.contributor.authorJosé Manuel Baptistaen
dc.description.abstractUsing the finite element method (FEM), this paper presents a numerical investigation of the performance analysis of a D-type photonic crystal fiber (D-type PCF) for refractive index sensing, based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) with a planar structure made out of a metamaterial. COMSOL Multiphysics was used to evaluate the design of the referred refractive index optical fiber sensor, with higher accuracy and considerable economy of time and resources. A study of different metamaterials concentrations conformed by aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and silver (Ag) is carried out. Another structural parameters, which influences the refractive index sensor performance, the thickness of the metamaterial, is also investigated. The results indicate that the use of metamaterials provides a way of improving the performance of SPR sensors on optical fibers and allows to tailor the working parameters of the sensor.en
dc.titleSPR optimization using metamaterials in a D-type PCF refractive index sensoren
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