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Title: Environmental monitoring of S. Pedro da Cova waste pile: Combustion temperature [Monitorização ambiental de escombreira de S. Pedro da Cova: Temperatura de combustão]
Authors: Ribeiro,J
Carlos Duarte Viveiros
João Ferreira
José Luís Santos
José Manuel Baptista
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: Despite the socio-economic importance of mining in Douro Coalfield, the coal exploitation and utilization originated impacts on the environment. From these stands out the S. Pedro da Cova waste pile which is self-burning since 2005. The potential environmental impacts associated with this coal waste pile include: air pollution caused by the gaseous emissions and dispersion of solid particles; pollution of soils, surface and groundwater caused by mobilization of solid particles, leaching of hazardous elements, dissolution of neoformed and deposition of solid particles; landslides and mass movements also caused the weathering agents, and deterioration of vegetation that may also be due to the acid drainage. The main objective of this work is the combustion temperature monitoring in S. Pedro da Cova waste pile using the infrared thermography technique. The acquired results during the temperature monitoring campaigns allow the study of the dynamics and evolutionary scenarios of the self-burning process in the coal waste pile, contributing to a precise definition of the risks to the environment and human health. © 2014, LNEG – Laboratório Nacional de Geologia e Energia IP.
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