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Title: AppVox: An Application to Assist People with Speech Impairments in Their Speech Therapy Sessions
Authors: Gonçalves,Cirano
Arsénio Reis
João Barroso
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: In this study an application to assist people with speech impairments in their speech therapy sessions is presented. AppVox simulates a vocalizer (audio stimulus feature) that can be used to train speech by repeating different words. In this paper, we aim at presenting the application as an assistive technology option and assess if this is a usable option for digital interaction for children with speech impairment. To assess the application we present a case study in which the participants were asked to perform tasks using the AppVox application. The results showed that this group of participants attained a good performance when interacting with the application. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.
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