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Title: Designing Autonomous Systems Interactions with Elderly People
Authors: Arsénio Reis
Vitor Manuel Filipe
Hugo Paredes
João Barroso
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Aging is a process inherent to the human condition and part of the human being’s life cycle, which can be degraded by the reduction in the individual’s physical and social activity. This problem can be augmented by the context in which the person is aging, e.g., family, health and social bonds. The elderly individuals’ well-being is related to the strength of their social bonds with their family and friends group, which can be difficult to maintain in some stages of the aging process. A, recently- proposed solution is the adoption of autonomous systems capable of autonomous interactions with the elderly. Such systems are designed to be able to interpret the individual’s state of mind and the current context in order to conduct an effective interaction with the elderly person. This study focuses on the interaction design between the autonomous system and the human person, by considering the elderly individual’s context and pursuing the type of interaction that will positively influence the reinforcement or maintenance of the person’s social bonds with the family and friends groups. The study was carried out by interviewing a group of elderly people, currently living in nursing homes and with limited access to their family and friends. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.
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