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Title: Determinants of the adoption of augmented reality by tour operators in disadvantaged economic regions
Authors: Pereira,AC
Au Yong Oliveira,M
Ramiro Gonçalves
Frederico Branco
José Luís Martins
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Augmented reality (AR) technologies are reaching a maturity level where organizations in various business sectors can successfully incorporate them in their business activities. On its more developed spectrum, AR can deliver immersive multisensory environments in a 360 degrees virtual space. In what concerns the tourism sector, there are several possible applications of AR solutions with a significant prospect impact to organizations, tourists and, most importantly, territories. By acknowledging the issues associated with adopting disruptive information and communication technologies by activity sectors with less technology-awareness, in the current article we present a focused analysis to existing literature on the adoption of AR and, as a result of this, a conceptual model proposal aimed at explaining the adoption of AR by tourism related organizations with activity in low density territories.
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