Challenges to digital preservation of clinical information in the new info-communicational reality

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Gabriel David
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Current demands placed by users to health care institutions, regarding the access and management of their clinical information, introduced in this context a new info-communicational reality that involves the adoption of a strategic vision of the role of information management. Accordingly, health care institutions need to deepen their understanding of the information system in order to develop an information strategy to ensure the future preservation and (re)use of clinical information, allowing users an active role in managing their clinical information. With the objective of understanding the power that legitimized users to participate actively in managing their own health information, the present study, supported on the paradigms of complexity by Morin and technological by Castells, addresses the role of digital preservation in Health care as a critical factor in the future communication of the institution with its users, and discusses the different areas of knowledge mobilized in the research on this topic.
Digital information resources, Medical records, Digital preservation, interdisciplinary research