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    Variabilidade de alta frequência do radão num ambiente interior estável
    ( 2018) Susana Alexandra Barbosa ; et. al., ; 6363
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    Using Intelligent Personal Assistants to Strengthen the Elderlies’ Social Bonds
    ( 2017) Arsénio Reis ; Paulino,D ; Paredes,H ; João Barroso
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    Constraint aggregation in non-linear programming models for nesting problems
    ( 2016) Pedro Filipe Rocha ; Gomes,AM ; Rui Pedro Rodrigues ; Toledo,FMB ; Andretta,M
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    Creating and analysing a social network built from clips of online news
    ( 2013) Álvaro Figueira
    Current online news media are increasingly depending on the participation of readers in their websites while readers increasingly use more sophisticated technology to access online news. In this context, the authors present the Breadcrumbs system and project that aims to provide news readers with tools to collect online news, to create a personal digital library (PDL) of clips taken from news, and to navigate not only on the own PDL, but also on external PDLs that relate to the first one. In this article, the authors present and describe the system and its paradigm for accessing news. We complement the description with the results from several tests which confirm the validity of our approach for clustering of news and for analysing the gathered data.
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    A multi-perspective theoretical analysis to web accessibility
    ( 2017) Peixoto,C ; Frederico Branco ; José Luís Martins ; Ramiro Gonçalves
    Accessibility has become increasingly important in information technology, particularly due to legislation pressure to make affordable public services to all. Being end-users and software companies those who have direct contact with accessibility problems, other stakeholders are committed to defining methods and change mentalities in Web accessibility implementation. In addition to a conceptual definition, this chapter presents entities views with responsibilities in the area, taking into account their work done in the past and the prospects for future. The understanding of the interaction between all these perspectives will help to realize the way it will go, which carries with it great challenges and opportunities, widely explored in this work.