Location and Automatic Trajectory Calculation of Mobile Objects using Radio Frequency Identification

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Marcelo Petry
José Xavier
Pedro Henriques Abreu
Luís Paulo Reis
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The area of object/people location consists on the identification of their instantaneous movement in a given area of space and during a given time frame. This location takes an important role because it can help rectify trajectories (in the case of autonomous objects) or improve the performance (in the case of sport practices). In this research project, a system based on RFID that automatically rectifies a location and calculates a wheelchair trajectory in a pre-defined route will be presented. For that, a commercial location system was used as well as a wheelchair and two routes: a linear one and a complex route. In order to correct the trajectory a low pass filter was also used. The obtained results showed that this approach decreased 38% of the mean squared error and in more than 7 centimeters the maximum error. In the future this research work will be enclosed in a new project where a multi agent system capable of executing a management of an autonomous wheelchair set in a hospital environment will be developed.