Safe Controllers Design for Industrial Automation Systems

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Celina Leão
José Machado
Eurico Seabra
José Creissac Campos
Filomena Soares
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The design of safe industrial controllers is one of the most important domains related to Automation Systems research. To support it, synthesis and analysis techniques are available. Among the analysis techniques, two of the most important are Simulation and Formal Verification. In this paper these two techniques are used together in a complementary way. Understanding plant behaviour is essential for obtaining safe industrial systems controllers; hence, plant modelling is crucial to the success of these techniques. A two step approach is presented: first, the use of Simulation and, second, the use of Formal Verification of Industrial Systems Specifications. The specification and plant models used for each technique are described. Simulation and Formal Verification results are presented and discussed. The approach presented in the paper can be applied to real industrial systems, and obtain safe controllers for hybrid plants. The Modelica modelling language and Dymola simulation environm