An adjustable sensor platform using dual wavelength measurements for optical colorimetric sensitive films

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Carlos Manuel Machado
João Ferreira
Pedro Jorge
Luís Lopes
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We present a new and versatile sensor platform to readout the response of sensitive colorimetric films. The platform is fully self-contained and based on a switched dual-wavelength scheme. After filtering and signal processing, the system is able to provide self-referenced measures of color intensity changes in the film, while being immune to noise sources such as ambient light and fluctuations in the power source and in the optical path. By controlling the power and the switching frequency between the two wavelengths it is possible to fine tune the output gain as well as the operational range of the sensor for a particular application, thus improving the signal conditioning. The platform uses a micro-controller that complements the analog circuit used to acquire the signal. The latter pre-amplifies, filters and conditions the signal, leaving the micro-controller free to perform sensor linearization and unit conversion. By changing the sensitive film and the wavelength of the light source it is possible to use this platform for a wide range of sensing applications. © 2014 IEEE.