Simultaneous Underwater Navigation and Mapping

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Aníbal Matos
Ana Gaspar
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<jats:p>The use of underwater autonomous vehicles has been growing, allowing the performance of tasks that cause inherent risks to Human, namely in inspection processes near to structures. With growth in usage of systems with autonomous navigation, visual acquisition methods have also gotten more developed because, they have appealing cost and they also show interesting results when operate at a short distance. It is possible to improve the quality of navigation through visual SLAM techniques which can map and locate simultaneously and its key aspect is the detection of revisited areas. These techniques are not usually applied to underwater scenarios and, therefore, its performance in environment is unknown. The paper presents a more reliable navigation system for underwater vehicles, resorting to some visual SLAM techniques from literature. The results, conducted in a realistic scenario, demonstrated the ability of the system to be applied to underwater environment.</jats:p>