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    Learning Engineering with EPS@ISEP: Developing Projects for Smart Sustainable Cities
    ( 2019) Ferreira,P ; Guedes,P ; Benedita Malheiro ; Manuel Santos Silva ; 5655 ; 5855
    This paper presents an overview on how the European Project Semester capstone programme offered by the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (EPS@ISEP) fosters learning by challenging engineering, business and product development undergraduates to address sustainability issues afflicting cities and communities nowadays. This will be done by analysing the reports and the learning journey of three multicultural and multidisciplinary EPS@ISEP teams during the design, development and test of a smart billboard, a self-oriented solar mirror and a level monitoring system for waste oil bins. These three projects were conducted within EPS@ISEP, a project-based learning framework dedicated to the development of key engineering skills, namely multidisciplinary teamwork, inter-cultural communication, ethical and sustainability-oriented problem-solving. The involved students contributed, not only, to make cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, one of UNESCO’s sustainable development goals, but learnt and practiced together sustainability-driven design, while searching for an innovative solution for a smart city problem. This conclusion is supported by the analysis of the content the three project reports.
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    Rigid wing sailboats: A state of the art survey
    ( 2019) Friebe,A ; Ferreira,P ; Guedes,P ; Benedita Malheiro ; Manuel Santos Silva ; Waller,M ; 5655 ; 5855
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    Engineering Education for Sustainable Development: The European Project Semester Approach
    ( 2020) Benedita Malheiro ; Guedes,P ; Fuentes Dura,P ; Manuel Santos Silva ; Perat,I ; Duarte,AJ ; Arno,E ; Ferreira,P ; 5655 ; 5855
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    Fostering Professional Competencies in Engineering Undergraduates with EPS@ISEP
    ( 2019) Guedes,P ; Benedita Malheiro ; Manuel Santos Silva ; Ferreira,P ; 5855 ; 5655
    Engineering education addresses the development of professional competencies inundergraduates. In this context, the core set of professional competencies includes critical thinkingand problem solving, effective communication, collaboration and team building, and creativityand innovation—also known as the four Cs—as well as socio-professional ethics and sustainabledevelopment—referred in this paper as the two Ss. While the four Cs were identified by theassociates of the American Management Association based on the needs of the society, professionalassociations, and businesses; this paper proposes the two S extension to ensure that future engineerscontribute to the well-being of individuals and the preservation of life on Earth. It proposes atangible framework—the 4C2S—and an application method to analyse the contributions madeby engineering capstone programmes to the development of these core competencies in futureengineering professionals. The method is applied to an engineering capstone programme—theEuropean Project Semester (EPS) offered by the Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto (ISEP)—anda specific project case—EPS@ISEP Pet Tracker project developed in 2013, constituting, in addition,a road map for the application of the 4C2S framework to engineering capstone programmes. Theresults show that EPS@ISEP complies with the 4C2S framework.
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    Urban@CRAS dataset: Benchmarking of visual odometry and SLAM techniques
    ( 2018) Ana Gaspar ; Aníbal Matos ; Andry Maykol Pinto ; Alexandra Nunes ; 6868 ; 5446 ; 5158 ; 6869