Three-Dimensional Mapping in Underwater Environment

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Alexandra Nunes
Aníbal Matos
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<jats:p>Autonomous underwater vehicles are applied in diverse fields, namely in tasks that are risky for human beings to perform, as optical inspection for the purpose of structures quality control. Optical sensors are more appealing cost and they supply a larger quantity of data. Lasers can be used to reconstruct structures in three dimensions, along with cameras, which create a faithful representation of the environment. However, in this context a visual approach was used and the paper presents a method that can put together the three-dimensional information that has been harvested over time, combining also RGB information for surface reconstruction. The map construction follows the motion estimated by a odometry method previously selected from the literature. Experiments conducted using real scenario show that the proposed solution is able to provide a reliable map for objects and even the seafloor.</jats:p>