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    ( 2018) Ricardo Campos ; Sérgio Nunes ; Jatowt,A ; Alípio Jorge ; 4981 ; 5782 ; 5448
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    ( 2016) Gonçalves,D ; Maximino Bessa
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    Real-time Augmented Reality shopping platform for studying consumer cognitive experiences
    ( 2013) Stoyanova,J ; Goncalves,R ; António Coelho ; Pedro Brito
    Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which produces a synthesis between a computer-generated data and the physical world of a viewer while establishing 3D registration and real time interaction. Among the wide range of application of AR, its use in advertising shopping experiences has recently been embraced by advertisers due to its novelty and engaging potential. Part of a wider research aiming at understanding the impact of AR on consumer psychology, this paper presents a demo platform application developed for a real-time shopping experience for shoes and attempts to define a ground base for posterior marketing research in the field. In order to fully evaluate consumer experiences and compare with the main AR platform two other shopping applications were designed: a marker-based and a static one. The platform will assist in exploring the antecedents of consumer purchase intention and in defining metrics for measuring shopping experiences with AR.
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    GIS2R-Augmented Reality and 360 degrees Panoramas Framework for Geomarketing
    ( 2013) Leonel João Dias ; António Coelho ; Rodrigues,A ; Rebelo,C ; Cardoso,A
    Recent developments in the areas of augmented reality, 360 degrees panoramas, social networks and geographical information systems enable the development of new solutions, which can contribute to several areas. This paper presents a new, Unity3D [8] based framework for the development of immersive augmented reality solutions and 360 degrees panoramas. This solution allows the aggregation of spatial information from disparate and heterogeneous sources, comprising the visualization of points of interest (POIs), image overlays (photographs), 3D objects and navigation between panoramas. This framework also features a strong multiplatform (web and mobile) component, and the possibility of developing new functional modules that can be easily plugged in. A prototype based on this solution, for geomarketing, is also presented.
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    Mobile Advertising for the Catering Industry
    ( 2013) Leonel João Dias ; António Coelho
    This paper present the creation of a platform, highly scalable and modular, providing new services to the advertising and marketing for the catering industry, taking advantage of the spatial context and user preferences, benefiting from the advantages of Mobile Advertising and Mobile Augmented Reality.