Optimum Generation Control in Wind Parks when Carrying out System Operator Requests

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João Peças Lopes
Rogério Almeida
Edgardo Castronuovo
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This paper proposes an optimized dispatch control strategy for active and reactive powers delivered by a doubly fed induction generator in a wind park. In this control approach, wind turbines are supposed to operate over a deloaded maximum power extraction curve and will respond to a supervisory wind farm control after a request from a system operator for adjusting the outputs of the wind park. The definition of the active and reactive powers operating points, for each wind turbine, is defined from an optimization algorithm that uses the primal-dual predictor corrector interior point method. The control strategy used at the wind generator level exploits a combination of pitch control and control of the static converters to adjust the rotor speed for the required operation points. A small wind park is used to illustrate the effectiveness of the developed approach.