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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012AI for the Win: Improving Spectrum-based Fault LocalizationBirgit Hofer; Franz Wotawa; Rui Maranhão
2013Alloy Meets the Algebra of Programming: A Case StudyJosé Nuno Oliveira; Ferreira,MA
2014Analysing interactive devices based on information resource constraintsJosé Creissac Campos; Doherty,G; Michael Douglas Harrison
2019Anomaly Detection and Modeling in 802.11 Wireless NetworksAnisa Allahdadidastjerdi; Ricardo Morla; 3645; 5587
2012Assertion-based Slicing and Slice GraphsDaniela Cruz; José Bernardo Barros; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Pedro Rangel Henriques
2015The benefits of formalising design guidelines: a case study on the predictability of drug infusion pumpsPaolo Masci; Ruksenas,Rimvydas; Oladimeji,Patrick; Cauchi,Abigail; Gimblett,Andy; Li,KarenYunqiu; Curzon,Paul; Thimbleby,HaroldW.
2020Boolean Searchable Symmetric Encryption with Filters on Trusted HardwarePortela,B; Leitao,J; Domingos,HJ; Borges,G; Tiago Filipe Oliveira; Ferreira,B; 6207
2012A Calculus for Generic, QoS-Aware Component CompositionLuís Soares Barbosa; Sun Meng
2014CAOVerif: An open-source deductive verification platform for cryptographic software implementationsJosé Bacelar Almeida; Manuel Barbosa; Filliatre,JC; Jorge Sousa Pinto; Vieira,B
2013Certified computer-aided cryptography: efficient provably secure machine code from high-level implementationsManuel Barbosa; José Bacelar Almeida; Barthe,G; Dupressoir,F; 5604; 5598
2016CloudMdsQL: querying heterogeneous cloud data stores with a common languageKolev,B; Valduriez,P; Bondiombouy,C; Jimenez Peris,R; Pau,R; José Orlando Pereira
2012A coalgebraic perspective on linear weighted automataFilippo Bonchi; Alexandra Silva; Jan Rutten; Michele Boreale; Marcello Bonsangue
2013A Coalgebraic Perspective on Logical InterpretationsMartins,MA; Alexandre Castro Madeira; Luís Soares Barbosa
2020A component-based framework for certification of components in a cloud of HPC servicesde Carvalho Junior,FH; de Oliveira Dantas,ABD; Luís Soares Barbosa; 5603
2013Composing Least-change LensesNuno Moreira Macedo; Hugo Pereira Pacheco; Alcino Cunha; Oliveira,JN
2017COMPOSITION IN STATE-BASED REPLICATED DATA TYPESPaulo Sérgio Almeida; Ferreira,C; Alcino Cunha; Carlos Baquero; 5612; 5607; 5596
2017Computer Aided Verification of Relational Models by Strategic RewritingVisser,J; Uzal,R; Necco,CM; José Nuno Oliveira; 5601
2016Concurrency Debugging with Differential Schedule ProjectionsNuno Almeida Machado; Quinta,Daniel; Lucia,Brandon; Rodrigues,LuisE.T.
2011Convergent and Commutative Replicated Data TypesNuno Preguiça; Carlos Baquero; Marek Zawirski; Marc Shapiro
2017CoopREP: Cooperative record and replay of concurrency bugsNuno Almeida Machado; Romano,P; Rodrigues,L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 148