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Title: A framework proposal for seamless interoperability in a collaborative networked environment
Authors: Claudia Chituc
Américo Azevedo
César Toscano
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The advances in information and communication technologies and economic factors impelled organizations to engage in new forms of collaboration, such as collaborative networks. They require adequate frameworks, architectures, tools and platforms to support interoperability among heterogeneous and geographically distributed organizations. Despite the high number of research projects in this area, existing tools and infrastructures, this objective has not been totally achieved. The aim of this research work is to advance the research in the area of interoperability in collaborative networks. A conceptual framework towards seamless interoperability in a collaborative-competitive economic networked environment is described, which comprises six elements: (1) a messaging service; (2) a collaboration profile/agreement definition and management service; (3) five clusters of collaborative activities; (4) a centralized repository; (5) a set of business documents and a set of contracting documents; (6) a performance assessment service. The functionality of the conceptual framework proposed is illustrated with a real implementation case targeting the footwear industry. The proposed conceptual framework is then compared with relevant e-business frameworks.
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