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Title: Cutting Path as a Rural Postman Problem: solutions by Memetic Algorithms
Authors: Ana Maria Rodrigues
José Soeiro Ferreira
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: The Rural Postman Problem (RPP) is a particular Arc routing Problem (ARP)which consits of determining a minimum cost circuit on a graph so that a given subset of required edges is traversed. the EPP is an NP-hard problem with significant real-life applications. this paper introduces an original approach based on Memetic Algorithms - The MARP algorithm - to solve the RPP and, also deals with an interesting Industrial application, which focuses on the path optimization for componenet cutting operations. Memetic Algorithms are a class of Metaheuristics which may be seen as a population strategy that involves cooperation and competition processes between population elements and integrates "social knowledge", using a local search procedure. The MARP algorithm is tested with different groups of instances and the results are compared with those gathered from other publications. MARP is also used in the context of various real-life applications.
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