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Title: Analysis and Comparison of Business Process Management Frameworks
Authors: Américo Azevedo
António Henrique Almeida
Álvaro Gabriel Caldas
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: More and more, the implementation of processes management systems within manufacturing environments not only has increased its popularity, but also has proven that manufacturing productivity can be increased by using better methods for designing, planning and controlling of processes. New technologies and methodologies have been investigated in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company's processes implementation. According to the business process reengineering approach, since the products and services that a company offers to the market are provided through key processes, a flexible manner to graphically (re)design these processes, at different levels of abstraction, represents the road to the success. However, not only the modeling capabilities of a process are required. Due to the fact that management of dynamic processes is an important issue in rapidly changing production systems, a new generation of business process management systems (BPMS) capable of support
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