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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20153 DoF/6 DoF Localization System for Low Computing Power Mobile Robot PlatformsCarlos Miguel Costa; Héber Miguel Sobreira; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga
2016Conflict Resolution Problem Solving with Bio-Inspired Metaheuristics:Paulo Moura Oliveira; Eduardo Pires
2017Dynamic Collision Avoidance System for a Manipulator Based on RGB-D DataBrito,T; Lima,J; Pedro Gomes Costa; Piardi,L
2009Environmental Impact Assessment and Management of Sewage Outfall Discharges Using AUV'SMário Neves; Patrícia Ramos
2011Fault Tolerant Depth Control of the MARES AUVBruno Miguel Ferreira; Aníbal Matos; Nuno Cruz
2018Flexible work cell simulator using digital twin methodology for highly complex systems in industry 4.0Tavares,P; Silva,JA; Pedro Gomes Costa; Veiga,G; Moreira,AP
2014Fractional particle swarm optimizationEduardo Pires; Machado,JAT; Paulo Moura Oliveira
2018The K-framed quadtrees approach for path planning through a known environmentAna Rita Rodrigues; Pedro Gomes Costa; Lima,J
2011Mapping and dilution estimation of wastewater discharges based on geostatistics using an Autonomous Underwater VehiclePatrícia Ramos; Nuno Miguel Abreu
2016MEMS Devices in AgricultureAntónio Valente
2012Meta-heuristics Self-Parameterization in a Multi-Agent Scheduling System Using Case-Based ReasoningPaulo Moura Oliveira; Ivo Pereira; Ana Madureira
2017Offline Programming of Collision Free Trajectories for Palletizing RobotsSilva,R; Luís Freitas Rocha; Relvas,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Manuel Santos Silva
2014Optimization of quadruped robot locomotion gaits through a genetic algorithmManuel Santos Silva
2018Path planning for automatic recharging system for steep-slope vineyard robotsLuís Carlos Santos; Filipe Neves Santos; Mendes,J; Ferraz,N; Lima,J; Morais,R; Costa,P
2017Pose Invariant Object Recognition Using a Bag of Words ApproachCarlos Miguel Costa; Armando Sousa; Germano Veiga
2017Poses Optimisation Methodology for High Redundancy Robotic SystemsTavares,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Veiga,G; Moreira,AP
2017Reconstructing the PastMagalhães,LG; Telmo Oliveira Adão; Emanuel Peres Correia
2016Reduction of Drying Process Time of Natural Cork Stoppers Process in Lean Improvement EffortsTatiana Martins Pinho; Campos,D; Boaventura-Cunha,J; Azevedo,A; Paulo Moreira,A
2018Robot localization system in a hard outdoor environmentConceição,T; Filipe Neves Santos; Costa,P; António Paulo Moreira
2016The SPIDERobot: A Cable-Robot System for On-site Construction in ArchitectureSousa,JP; Palop,CG; Moreira,E; Andry Maykol Pinto; Lima,J; Costa,P; Pedro Gomes Costa; Germano Veiga; Paulo Moreira,A
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 25