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dc.contributor.authorAdemar Aguiaren
dc.contributor.authorGabriel Daviden
dc.description.abstractGood design and implementation are necessary but not sufficient pre- requisites for successfully reusing object-oriented frameworks. Although not always recognized, good documentation is crucial for effective framework re- use, and often hard, costly, and tiresome, coming with many issues, especially when we are not aware of the key problems and respective ways of addressing them. Based on existing literature, case studies and lessons learned, the authors have been mining proven solutions to recurrent problems of documenting ob- ject-oriented frameworks, and writing them in pattern form, as patterns are a very effective way of communicating expertise and best practices. This paper presents a small set of patterns addressing problems related to the framework documentation itself, here seen as an autonomous and tangible product inde- pendent of the process used to create it. The patterns aim at helping non-experts on cost-effectively documenting object-oriented frameworks. In concrete, these patterns provide guidance on choosing the kinds of documents to produce, how to relate them, and which contents to include. Although the focus is more on the documents themselves, rather than on the process and tools to produce them, some guidelines are also presented in the paper to help on applying the patterns to a specific framework.-
dc.subjectobject-oriented frameworks-
dc.titlePatterns for Effectively Documenting Frameworks in "Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming II"en
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