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Title: Multiyear and Multi-Criteria AC Transmission Expansion Planning Model Considering Reliability and Investment Costs
Authors: Phillipe Vilaça Gomes
João Vieira Silva
João Tomé Saraiva
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: One of the major concerns in Power Systems is surely related with their reliability. Long-term expansion planning studies traditionally use the well-known deterministic "N-1" contingency criterion. However, this criterion is applied based on worst-case analyses and the obtained plan may originate over-investments. Differently, probabilistic reliability approaches can incorporate different type of uncertainties that affect power systems. In this work, a long term multi-criteria AC Transmission Expansion Planning model was developed considering two objectives - the probabilistic reliability index Expected Energy Not Supplied (EENS) and the investment cost. The Pareto-Front associated with these two objectives was obtained using Genetic Algorithms and the final solution was selected using a fuzzy decision making function. This approach was applied to the IEEE 24 Bus Test System and the results ensure its robustness and efficiency.
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