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Title: Production-guided Concurrency Debugging
Authors: Nuno Almeida Machado
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Concurrency bugs that stem from schedule-dependent branches are hard to understand and debug, because their root causes imply not only different event orderings, but also changes in the control-flow between failing and non-failing executions. We present Cortex: a system that helps exposing and understanding concurrency bugs that result from schedule-dependent branches, without relying on information from failing executions. Cortex preemptively exposes failing executions by perturbing the order of events and control-flow behavior in non-failing schedules from production runs of a program. By leveraging this information from production runs, Cortex synthesizes executions to guide the search for failing schedules. Production-guided search helps cope with the large execution search space by targeting failing executions that are similar to observed non-failing executions. Evaluation on popular benchmarks shows that Cortex is able to expose failing schedules with only a few perturbations to non-failing executions, and takes a practical amount of time.
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