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Title: Empirical Evaluation of the ProcessPAIR Tool for Automated Performance Analysis
Authors: Mushtaq Raza
João Pascoal Faria
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Software development processes can generate significant amounts of data that can be periodically analyzed to identify performance problems, determine their root causes and devise improvement actions. However, conducting that analysis manually is challenging because of the potentially large amount of data to analyze and the effort and expertise required. ProcessPAIR is a novel tool designed to help developers analyze their performance data with less effort, by automatically identifying and ranking performance problems and potential root causes. The analysis is based on performance models derived from the performance data of a large community of developers. In this paper, we present the results of an experiment conducted in the context of Personal Software Process (PSP) training, to show that ProcessPAIR is able to accurately identify and rank performance problems and potential root causes of individual developers so that subsequent manual analysis for the identification of deeper causes and improvement actions can be properly focused.
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