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Title: A Tool-Chain for High-Assurance Cryptographic Software
Authors: José Bacelar Almeida
Manuel Barbosa
Hugo Pereira Pacheco
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Cryptography is an inherently interdisciplinary area and the development of high-quality cryptographic software is a time-consuming task drawing on skills from mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering, only achievable by highly skilled programmers. The challenge is to map high-level cryptographic specifications phrased using mathematical abstractions into efficient implementations at the level of C or assembly that can be deployed on a target computational platform, whilst adhering to the specification both in terms of correctness and security. The High Assurance Software Laboratory at INESC-TEC maintains a domain-specific toolchain for the specification, implementation and verification of cryptographic software centred on CAO, a cryptography analyses and operations-aware language.
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