Multi-Period Modeling of Behind-the-Meter Flexibility

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Rui Barbosa Pinto
Manuel Matos
Ricardo Jorge Bessa
José Miguel Gouveia
Clara Sofia Gouveia
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Reliable and smart information on the flexibility provision of Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) represents great value for Distribution System Operators and Demand/flexibility Aggregators while market agents. However, efficiently delimiting the HEMS multi-temporal flexibility feasible domain is a complex task. The algorithm proposed in this work is able to efficiently learn and define the feasibility search space endowing DSOs and aggregators with a tool that, in a reliable and time efficient faction, provides them valuable information. That information is essential for those agents to comprehend the fully grid operation and economic benefits that can arise from the smart management of their flexible assets. House load profile, photovoltaic (PV) generation forecast, storage equipment and flexible loads as well as pre-defined costumer preferences are accounted when formulating the problem. Support Vector Data Description (SVDD) is used to build a model capable of identifying feasible HEMS flexibility offers. The proposed algorithm performs efficiently when identifying the feasibility of multi-temporal flexibility offers.