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Title: Setting the Maximum Import Net Transfer Capacity under Extreme RES Integration Scenarios
Authors: Manuel Matos
Ricardo Jorge Bessa
Carla Silva Gonçalves
Laura Luciana Cavalcante
Vladimiro Miranda
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: In order to reduce the curtailment of renewable generation in periods of low load, operators can limit the import net transfer capacity (NTC) of interconnections. This paper presents a probabilistic approach to support the operator in setting the maximum import NTC value in a way that the risk of curtailment remains below a pre-specified threshold. Main inputs are the probabilistic forecasts of wind power and solar PV generation, and special care is taken regarding the tails of the global margin distribution (all generation all loads and pumping), since the accepted thresholds are generally very low. Two techniques are used for this purpose: interpolation with exponential functions and nonparametric estimation of extreme conditional quantiles using extreme value theory. The methodology is applied to five representative days, where situations ranging from high maximum NTC values to NTC=0 are addressed. Comparison of the two techniques for modeling tails is also comprised.
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