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Title: A system dynamics model to support the management of artisanal dredge fisheries in the south coast of Portugal
Authors: Joana Maria Hora
Ana Camanho
Manuela Maria Oliveira
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This paper presents a management model developed to promote the sustainability of artisanal fisheries, considering socioeconomic and environmental dimensions. The management of artisanal fisheries faces many challenges, including the lack of appropriate tools to support policy makers and stakeholders in the decision-making process. The model presented in this study is based on system dynamics and allows the simulation of the behavior of the artisanal dredge fishery on the south coast of Portugal, including four main species and two fleets. Two scenarios were simulated to assess the impact of regulatory measures on the system sustainability: scenario 1 simulated a permanent reduction of fishing effort, returning an improvement of biologic and economic sustainability; scenario 2 simulated the closure of one species for a period of one year to allow its recovery. It was found that although the revenue of fisheries decreases in that year, the system is able to return to the average levels of revenue three years after the closure. The study aimed to guide decision makers in the selection of the most appropriate measures toward the preservation of marine ecosystems and socioeconomic stability of fishing communities. The developed system dynamics model, combining available data with knowledge of fisheries experts, proved to be a useful scientific tool to identify management policies and organizational structures leading to greater success. This technique can be applied to the study of other fishery systems worldwide.
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