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dc.contributor.authorJosé Almeidaen
dc.contributor.authorAgostinho Moreira,JAen
dc.description.abstractA systematic investigation on the influence of the diffusion parameters (time and temperature) and initial titanium film thickness on the spectral characteristics of the LiNbO3 Raman modes is reported. Raman spectra are measured in the range 501000cm(1)approximate to 2 mu m below the surface of the crystals. Broadening of the Raman lines and, therefore, crystal lattice disorder induced by the titanium ions are found to depend on the fabrication parameters. The disorder associated with the titanium ions near the surface of LiNbO3 is encoded in the broadening of the A(1)(TO1) Raman line. A linear relation between the A(1)(TO1) mode broadening and the Ti concentration is presented. The diffusion theory is used to explain the experimental data. Raman spectroscopy combined with diffusion theory can be used to estimate the evolution of the titanium surface concentration.en
dc.titleInfluence of Diffusion Parameters on the Spectral Characteristics of Raman Modes of Titanium-Diffused Lithium Niobate Planar Waveguidesen
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