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Title: Mitigation in the Very Short-term of Risk from Wind Ramps with Unforeseen Severity
Authors: Pinto,M
Vladimiro Miranda
Leonel Magalhães Carvalho
Jean Sumaili
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This paper addresses a critical analysis of the impact of the wind ramp events with unforeseen magnitude in power systems at the very short term, modeling the response of the operational reserve against this type of phenomenon. A multi-objective approach is adopted, and the properties of the Pareto-optimal fronts are analyzed in cost versus risk, represented by a worst scenario of load curtailment. To complete this critical analysis, a study about the usage of the reserve in the event of wind power ramps is performed. A case study is used to compare the numerical results of the models based on stochastic programming and models that take a risk analysis view in the system with high level of wind power. Wind power uncertainty is represented by scenarios qualified by probabilities. The results show that the reliability reserve may not be adequate to accommodate unforeseen wind ramps and therefore the system may be at risk.
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