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Title: Fiber-Optic Cavity Ring Down Using an Added-Signal for Curvature Sensing
Authors: Susana Oliveira Silva
Pedro Jorge
Manuel Joaquim Marques
Orlando Frazão
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: This letter presents a fiber-optic cavity ring down (CRD) configuration using an added-signal for curvature sensing. An optical time-domain reflectometer was used to send impulses down into the fiber loop cavity, inside of which a long period grating was placed to act as a sensing device. The added-signal was obtained by the sum of several conventional CRD impulses, thus providing an improvement on the curvature sensitivity when compared with the conventional CRD signal processing. A linear response to applied curvature in the range of 2.2-3.6 m(-1) was observed, and a sensitivity of 15.3 mu s/m(-1) was obtained. This result was found to be 20-fold the one obtained for the conventional CRD signal processing. The added-signal increases the optical power but increases as well the ring-down time due to the sum of the several loops that light travels inside the ring. A ring-down time response of 43.3 mu s was attained (versus 23.7 mu s for the conventional CRD signal processing).
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