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Title: Modeling the Optimal Behavior of PEV Parking Lots in Energy and Reserve Market
Authors: Nilufar Neyestani
Shafie Khah,M
João Catalão
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: New technologies such as Plug-in Electric Vehicles or PEVs bring new trends in areas where multi entities interact. One of these areas is the facilities in cities for better manipulation of technologies. Encouraging the utilization of PEVs necessitates the provision of charging stations. In this regard, PEV Parking Lots (PLs) can be a great help as they can solve both urban and electrical problem of PEVs. On the other hand, gathering numerous PEVs in one point like PLs provides the system operator with the opportunity of PEVs batteries that can be used as potential storages. Therefore, in this paper, the optimum behavior of PEV PLs is modeled while they contribute their batteries' capacity in both energy and reserve market. The charging schedule of PLs with various numbers of stations has been reported as well as their share in the market as an energy source during peak hours.
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