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Title: The Impacts of Ageing on Manufacturing Sectors
Authors: Nagarajan,R
Patrícia Ramos
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The progress in medical science and the decline of altruistic behavior of couples introduced to the world the ageing problem. The existence of ageing is more experienced by developed countries. Researchers and policy makers are constantly trying to find ways to study the impacts of ageing since the issue is unprecedented in our history. However, the majority of the literature focus more on immediate mechanisms such as public expenditures and somehow neglected the influence of ageing on manufacturing sector. Thus, through panel data, we studied the influence of ageing on manufacturing sectors. The empirical study was carried out on six developed countries namely Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, Finland and Portugal that have high ageing population. Our results suggest that the growth of the old age group over 65 years old will have significantly negative influence on percentage contribution of manufacturing to the GDP of these countries. Moreover, the results also demonstrate that a country with a higher proportion of old age group over working group will face fall in the manufacturing.
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