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Title: Product Lifecycle Management Enabled by Industry 4.0 Technology
Authors: Filipe David Ferreira
José Faria
Américo Azevedo
Ana Luísa Marques
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: The rise of a new digital industrial paradigm known as industry 4.0, powered by several enabling technologies such as flexible and collaborative robots, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, cloud and manufacturing servitization, is seen as the key enabler for the fourth industrial revolution: the digital manufacturing. However, there are still several challenges related to the effective adoption of these technologies and to enterprise level interoperability so that an entire cyber physical production system can work seamlessly. Besides the set of challenges faced by industrialists, this research work presents innovative results towards a plug and play seamlessly integration of technologies, from the shop floor to the enterprise management layers, ensuring a total integrated architecture supporting the full product lifecycle management.
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