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Title: Treatment of crystallized-fruit wastewater by UV-A LED photo-Fenton and coagulation flocculation
Authors: Rodriguez Chueca,J
José Ramiro Fernandes
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This work reports the treatment of crystallized-fruit effluents, characterized by a very low biodegradability (BOD5/COD <0.19), through the application of a UV-A LED photo-Fenton process. Firstly, a Box-Behnken design of Response Surface Methodology was applied to achieve the optimal conditions for the UV-A LED photo-Fenton process, trying to maximize the efficiency by saving chemicals and time. Under the optimal conditions ([H2O2] = 5459 mg/L; [Fe3+]= 286 mg/L; time >180 min), a COD removal of 45, 64 and 74% was achieved after 360 min, using an irradiance of 23, 70 and 85 W/m(2) respectively. Then a combination of UV-A LED photo-Fenton with coagulation flocculation decantation attained a higher COD removal (80%), as well as almost total removal of turbidity (99%) and total suspended solids (95%). Subsequent biodegradability of treated effluents increased, allowing the application of a biological treatment step after the photochemical/CFD with 85 W/m(2).
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