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Title: Assessment of Microsoft Kinect in the Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
Authors: Abreu,Joao
Hugo Paredes
João Barroso
Paulo Martins
Arsénio Reis
Vitor Manuel Filipe
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Telerehabilitation is an alternative way for physical therapy of stroke patients. The monitoring and correction of exercises can be done through the analysis of body movements recorded by an optical motion capture system. This paper presents a first study to assess the use of Microsoft Kinect in the monitoring and rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke. A comparative study was carried out to assess the accuracy of joint angle measurement with the Microsoft Kinect (for Windows and for Xbox One) and Optitrack™. The results obtained in the first experiment showed a good agreement in the measurements between the three systems, in almost all movements. These results suggest that Microsoft Kinect, a low cost and markerless motion capture system, can be considered as an alternative to complex and high cost motion capture devices for the monitoring and rehabilitation of stroke patients. © Springer International Publishing AG 2017.
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