Aggregated dynamic model of active distribution networks for large voltage disturbances

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Fulgêncio, Nuno
Moreira, Carlos
Carvalho, Leonel
Peças Lopes, João
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Elsevier - Electrical Power System Research Volume 178
This paper proposes a “grey-box” aggregated dynamic model for active distribution networks, taking into account a heterogeneous fleet of generation technologies alongside their expected behavior when taking into account the latest European grid codes requirements in terms of voltage support services. The main goal of the proposed model and underlying methodology for its identification is to represent the transient behavior of the active distribution system following large voltage disturbances occurring at the transmission side. The proposed aggregated model is composed by three main components: an equivalent power converter for generation and battery energy storage systems portfolio representation; an equivalent synchronous generation unit; and an equivalent composite load model. The model’s parameters are estimated by an evolutionary particle swarm optimization algorithm, by comparing a fully-detailed model of a distribution network with the aggregated model’s frequency domain’s responses of active and reactive power flows, at the boundary of transmission-distribution interface substation.
Active distribution networks, Distributed generation, Renewable energy systems, Dynamic modelling