Knowledge Sharing in Industrial Associations and Science and Technology Parks Inomata,DO en Eric Macieira Costa en Solange Mazzaroto en Cláudio Araújo Santos en Ana Cristina Barros en António Lucas Soares en Varvakis,G en 2017-12-13T11:37:50Z 2017-12-13T11:37:50Z 2016 en
dc.description.abstract Knowledge management practices are used in collaborative networks promoting innovation in order to share critical knowledge among network members towards improving organizational results. This paper proposes to explore the channels and practices for knowledge sharing in collaborative networks, by means of an exploratory multiple case study carried out in two types of collaborative networks: (i) industrial associations; and (ii) science and technology parks. Empirical evidence has been collected from interviews with managers of the collaborative networks and of organizations participating in the collaborative networks. The contribution of this paper to the knowledge management literature is twofold: (i) it provides a characterization of the channels and technology used for knowledge sharing in collaborative networks based on empirical evidence and (ii) it describes knowledge sharing practices used among organizations to foster new forms of connectivity between groups and individuals. en
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dc.title Knowledge Sharing in Industrial Associations and Science and Technology Parks en
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