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Title: New General Discrete-Time Scheduling Model for Multipurpose Batch Plants
Authors: Samuel Moniz
Barbosa Povoa,AP
Jorge Pinho de Sousa
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This work deals with the optimal short-term scheduling of general multipurpose batch plants, considering multiple operational characteristics such as sequence-dependent changeovers, temporary storage in the processing units, lots blending, and material flows traceability. A novel Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) discrete-time formulation based on the State-Task Network (STN) is proposed, with new types of constraints for modeling changeovers and storage. We also propose some model extensions for addressing changeovers start; nonpreemptive lots; lots start and sizes; alternative task-unit and task-unit-layout assignments. Computational tests have shown that the proposed model is more effective than a similar model based on the Resource-Task Network (RTN).
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