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Title: A surveyonheuristics for the two-dimensional rectangular strip packing problem
Authors: José Fernando Oliveira
Alvaro Luiz Júnior
Elsa Marília Silva
Maria Antónia Carravilla
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: Two-dimensional rectangular strip packing problems belong to the broader class of Cutting and Packing (C&P) problems, in which small items are required to be cut from or packed on a larger object, so that the waste (unused regions of the large object) is minimized. C&P problems differ from other combinatorial optimization problems by the intrinsic geometric constraints: items may not overlap and have to be fully contained in the large object. This survey approaches the specific C&P problem in which all items are rectangles, therefore fully characterized by a width and a height, and the large object is a strip, i.e. a rectangle with a fixed width but an infinite height, being the problem’s goal to place all rectangles on the strip so that the height is minimized. These problems have been intensively and extensively tackled in the literature and this paper will focus on heuristic resolution methods. Both the seminal and the most recent approaches (from the last decade) will be reviewed, in a rather tutorial flavor, and classified according to their type: constructive heuristics, improvement heuristics with search over sequences and improvement heuristics with search over layouts. Building on this review, research gaps are identified and the most interesting research directions pointed out. © 2016 Brazilian Operations Research Society.
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