Cargo dynamic stability in the container loading problem -a physics simulation tool approach

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António Galrão Ramos
João Tiago Jacob
José Fernando Oliveira
Rui Pedro Rodrigues
António Miguel Gomes
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The container loading problem (CLP) is a real-world driven, combinatorial optimisation problem that addresses the maximisation of space usage in cargo transport units. The research conducted on this problem failed to fulfill the real needs of the transportation industry, owing to the inadequate representation of practical-relevant constraints. The dynamic stability of cargo is one of the most important practical constraints. It has been addressed in the literature in an over-simplified way which does not translate to real-world stability. This paper proposes a physics simulation tool based on a physics engine, which can be used to translate real-world stability into the CLP. To validate the tool, a set of benchmark tests is proposed and the results obtained with the physics simulation tool are compared to the state-of-the-art simulation engineering software Abaqus Unified FEA. Analytical calculations have been also conducted, and it was also possible to conclude that the tool proposed is a valid alternative. Copyright © 2017 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.