Bin Picking for Ship-Building Logistics Using Perception and Grasping Systems

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Carlos Miguel Costa
Vitor Manuel Filipe
Luís Freitas Rocha
Manuel Santos Silva
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<jats:p>Bin picking is a challenging task involving many research domains within the perception and grasping fields, for which there are no perfect and reliable solutions available that are applicable to a wide range of unstructured and cluttered environments present in industrial factories and logistics centers. This paper contributes with research on the topic of object segmentation in cluttered scenarios, independent of previous object shape knowledge, for textured and textureless objects. In addition, it addresses the demand for extended datasets in deep learning tasks with realistic data. We propose a solution using a Mask R-CNN for 2D object segmentation, trained with real data acquired from a RGB-D sensor and synthetic data generated in Blender, combined with 3D point-cloud segmentation to extract a segmented point cloud belonging to a single object from the bin. Next, it is employed a re-configurable pipeline for 6-DoF object pose estimation, followed by a grasp planner to select a feasible grasp pose. The experimental results show that the object segmentation approach is efficient and accurate in cluttered scenarios with several occlusions. The neural network model was trained with both real and simulated data, enhancing the success rate from the previous classical segmentation, displaying an overall grasping success rate of 87.5%.</jats:p>